Natalie Bannister is the founder and proprietor of Zen Dogs.

With a Foundation Degree in Animal Science, Natalie is PRO Certified and a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT).

Natalie has extensive professional experience working with and handling dogs within grooming parlours, veterinary practices, boarding kennels and specialist training centres across Pembrokeshire. . .  most recently as the resident trainer with SPPOT in Haverfordwest.  She maintains her Continued Professional Development with regular seminars, workshops and practical courses to keep up to date with the very latest techniques in dog training and behaviourism.

A life-long dog owner, Natalie currently has four of her own (Ada, Frank, Hetty & Wilma) and competes regularly at Valley Dog Agility Training.

Dogs are Natalie Bannister's passion. . .  a passion that has inspired her to spend several years developing this hugely effective but fun, kind, game-based Zen training methodology.

Zen Dogs is operated in full compliance with the IMDT Code of Ethics, which you can read in the bonus content below, or visit the IMDT website.

bonus content:  the IMDT code of ethics

All Members of the IMDT agree to abide by the following IMDT Code of Ethics:

  • To train dogs professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog, owner, the public and the IMDT.
  • Actively provide and promote force-free training methods and actively reject any methods or equipment that may cause physical or mental discomfort.
  • Continue Professional development through books, workshops, courses & seminars.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients.
  • Carry suitable professional insurance including public liability.
  • Members agree to work within their professional limits and agree to refer owners with needs beyond those limits to a suitable professional.
  • Provide and promote science based, proven dog training principles to a high, professional standard.
  • Avoid positive punishment as a tool for training dogs.
  • Accept IMDT Committee decisions as final.
  • Proactively benefit dogs and dog owners.
  • Proactively promote the IMDT.


Zendogs is located in Lower Priory, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, but provides unique Zen training services across Pembrokeshire.

You may contact Zendogs on 078 4321 7443, or email Natalie direct on:  nat@zendogs.uk

The areas that Natalie is able to cover include;  Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, Neyland, Pembroke Dock, Tenby, Solva. . .  and as far afield as St. Davids (some travelling costs may be incurred for locations more than 15 miles from Milford, please see the fees & charges page).

Natalie Bannister is also available for small group lectures and workshops. . .  just ask!